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Forms & The Application Process


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Notice To Vacate Form

If you are a renter with either a fixed-term or a month-by-month agreement, and you want to vacate (end the rental agreement and leave the property), it is your responsibility to give the rental provider written notice that you wish to vacate. Providing written notice is compulsory and you are advised to use the following form and post, hand or email it to us at

Utility connection supplier to help you move home

Checklist to help you pack when moving home

EasyBondpay form

Renters have the option to pay their bond in instalments over 3 or 6 months, instead of paying 1 upfront lump sum. Please let your Property Manager know if you wish to utilise this option.

Renter Application Form

Statement of Information for Rental Applicants


There are 3 easy steps to the application process.

Step 1. Making an enquiry

If you see a property online that you would like to inspect, follow the ‘book an inspection’ prompts on this website. Alternatively, call our office on 9808 0988. The advantage of pre-booking an inspection is that you will receive a confirmation via text and also be advised if the inspection changes.

Step 2. Inspecting the property

We highly recommend that you inspect the property before completing an application. One of our friendly Property Managers will meet you at the inspection. Photo ID must be provided.

Step 3. Applying for the rental agreement

There are 4 ways you can apply for a rental agreement

  1. Our Property Manager will have application forms with them at the property inspection
  2. At the inspection, if you notify us of your interest, we can text an application link to you
  3. You can complete the application form (attached above) and forward it to our office
  4. You can apply by searching for the property on and pressing the ‘Apply Online’ button. This will give you access to ‘1Form’ which lets you apply for rental properties quickly and efficiently.
  5. Call our office on 9808 0988 and we will email you a link to ‘2Apply’. Another new way to apply online.

As there may be other people interested in the property, we suggest you complete your application form and return it to us as soon as possible.

Things to remember for your application

  • All occupants over the age of 18 years must complete the application form
  • Occupants must provide evidence of income
  • Photo ID must be provided
  • References from previous Rental Providers or Agencies, copies of previous rent receipts and rental history report required
  • Proof of last residential address is required
  • An incomplete rental application will not be processed and we will contact you to advise of this

Next Steps

Your references will be verified and we will consult with the Rental Provider about the application/s received. Once we have received instructions from the Rental Provider, we will be in contact with you to confirm the rental agreement and organise a time for you to come into our office to sign the lease and pay the initial monies due. Even if your application is unsuccessful, we will confirm this with you.