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Buyer Guides

For information on buying property, research and advice, inspections, property prices, private sale, auction and settlement, please read the following guide for buyers and sellers.

CLICK HERE for the Ray White Buyer Guide

CLICK HERE for the Consumer Affairs Buyers Guide

Before you buy at auction, you should be aware of key things to know before you start bidding. The following guide, written in both English and Chinese, will help you understand the auction process. We also recommend you try to go to a few auctions first to see how they work.

CLICK HERE for the Consumer Affairs Due Diligence Checklist

CLICK HERE for information about buying at auction

Our trusted real estate agents are dedicated to assisting you with buying at auction.

This includes:

  • Finding your dream home
  • Making an offer
  • How to bid at auction
  • Securing your property
  • Foreign buyers
  • Arranging finance
  • Finding a solicitor

Please contact our office if you wish to seek advice on buying and selling a property.