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Olivia LiangQiao Liang

Sales Executive

With over two and a half years in the sales industry, Olivia thrives on challenges and continually sets ambitious goals to drive her forward. She is committed to excellence and is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve and achieve greatness. Her dedication, punctuality, and honesty are the cornerstones of her professional ethos, ensuring fairness and integrity in all her interactions.

Olivia views sales as more than just a profession; it’s a lifestyle. She believes that the essence of sales lies in empowering customers to realize and achieve their potential, often surpassing their own expectations. For Olivia, sales is about building relationships and creating value, not merely closing deals.

Her passion for helping people is evident in every aspect of her work. It’s a 24/7 commitment that stems from her deeply ingrained values. This relentless dedication to others' success is what sets her apart in the industry.

Outside of her professional life, Olivia is an avid runner. She runs six days a week and dedicates one day to strength training. Completing her workouts early in the morning energizes her and sharpens her focus for the day ahead. Marathons hold a special place in her heart, serving as a source of personal motivation. She often reflects, "If I can conquer 42.195 kilometers on my own two feet, what can’t I achieve?"

Olivia's blend of professional dedication and personal passion makes her a dynamic and inspiring figure in the sales industry.