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Amelia Tong


Amelia sounds like a highly skilled and versatile individual with a diverse background. Her combination of business management experience, sales expertise, and a degree in psychology provides her with a unique set of skills that can be valuable in various fields, including real estate.

Amelia migrated from Malaysia in her teenage years. Her multicultural background and multilingual abilities offer a significant advantage in the real estate industry, especially in a culturally diverse country like Australia. Being able to effectively communicate with clients in their preferred language can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and trust. Amelia's problem-solving skills and interpersonal abilities make her well-suited for the dynamic and often challenging environment of real estate. Her passion for working with people aligns perfectly with the client-centric nature of the industry.

Additionally, her hobbies of playing tennis and doing house chores demonstrate a balanced approach to life and a commitment to personal well-being, which can contribute to her success in managing the demands of a real estate career.

Overall, with her background, skills, and personal interests, Amelia appears to be poised for success in the real estate industry, where her diverse experiences and talents can shine.